Happy Birthday MIC!

  • 06 Jul 2021

Micro Insurance Company is one year old today!

It's officially been one year since we merged the company, bringing together our global insurtech. It's amazing to see how much we've accomplished in a year and we can't wait to see what this next one brings.

To celebrate, we had a company-wide Town Hall zoom meeting (which is not easy to coordinate across international time zones!) We each wore our new MIC t-shirts, which we received during the week leading up to the Town Hall. They were designed a few weeks prior, with a graphic of our company's values on the front and on the back, the words: "Building a Global Safety Net Since 2020." Everyone was excited to come to the Town Hall dressed in our new merch. We took a company photo together (albeit on our zoom cameras), with our arms out, to symbolize being linked together across the globe.

After our team photo, each of our company leaders said a few words. Then, our VP of Marketing presented a vision board she put together which shared the many goals and visions our MIC team members have for the future, which they contributed. We definitely set audacious goals at Micro Insurance Company, so it was awesome to see them laid out in front of us. We believe visualization is a powerful tool – To see it, is to believe it, is to achieve it.

After our global video call, each region celebrated with a cake in their respective local offices.

Lastly, we just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to our community for your support thus far. We are so glad you are on this journey with us to build a global safety net. We know together we are going to change a lot of lives.

Now, let's get to work.

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