As a busy husband, CEO, father, avid F1 fan, photographer I do find it hard to keep up with my reading. I generally read one book a week and I try hard to stick to this. Finding books to read is not the difficulty and I could easily quadruple this, time is the limiting factor and priorities.

I have found, along with many other people, that listening to books and audio files is a great way to keep up and to explore new ideas and interests. It certainly allows me to try out new areas and to listen as I move around.

So, if you are interested in AI, Cyber Crime, The Dark Web and other tech topics, I would like to recommend searching out Geoff Whites' pod casts, audio and other work.

He has written and presented two major podcast series recently for Audible.

  1. Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Foe? reveals the origins of AI, and shows how the technology is seeping into everyday life.
  2. The Dark Web exposes the shadow internet created by the US military and now home to hackers, crooks and freedom fighters.

Both are super interesting and can be at Audible also here LinkedIn

Let me know what you think and if you have other to recommend.

Posted in Blog, Cyber Insurance blog, InsurTech blog on Jul 16, 2019