June is the start of the hurricane season in the South East of USA and the Atlantic. On May 23rd 2019, NOAA released their updated prediction, calling for a near-normal season with 9–15 named systems, 4–8 hurricanes, and 2–4 major hurricanes.

But is this a 'New Normal'?

We have written before on the global trends and the increase in temperatures and hurricanes. The numbers and severity of storms is increasing.

The latest forecast from NOAA shows a slight increase in threat from their early report. We can only hope for a lower forcast, but these forecasts have been tested and updated over a long time.

Other long range measurements of temperature is from Oxford in the UK. Someone has been accuratly recording temperature and the monthly rainfall totals continuous from 1767. That is even before USA Independance of 1776!

This is protected and guarantee and is what's become known as the Radcliffe Meteorological Station (RMS). Its full history has now been detailed in a new book, Oxford Weather and Climate since 1767.

The 'Strpe' shows the heating of this one spot in the UK over time.

This clearly shows the increase in temperature from the spot in Oxford, with an acceleration in change since the 1970's.

Posted in MicroInsurance blog on Jun 07, 2019