When I was growing up we did not have ‘black Friday’ ‘cyber Monday’ or many of the pressure selling events prior to Christmas – we did have the January sales, but I seem to recall they did actually start in January, rather than in what seems like November these days.

As a counter to this Greenpeace has launched an international campaign across 5 continents. Called ‘Make Smthng Week’ – yes the spelling is odd, translation its Make Something Week. The campaign is a reaction to the global wave of so called holiday or Christmas shopping. Its about creating and sharing. Making a fantastic creation out of a thing you already have and then sharing that amazing creation with someone is a great campaign.

Events will take place from 2nd – 10th December 2017 in cities like Berlin, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Rome, Taipei, Miami and Buenos Aires as part of the initiative. The events are aimed at teaching people how to repair, upcycle, share, DIY and reuse products, and promote zero waste and live plastic-free life in fashion, home décor and more. Sounds fun!

Its not only Greenpeace, they are joined by many movements and people including Fashion Revolution, Sharable, TheFullEdit – the list goes on.

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Posted in Blog on Nov 29, 2017